Helping clients secure massive energy savings

Creating more savings for leaseholders of PMS Managing Estates

PMS, the leading property management company across the East of England, has teamed up with a specialist consultant to help clients secure savings of more than £38,700 on their energy-supply deals.

This staggering saving, averaging around 30% for each client, has been achieved since bringing in independent energy procurement and management specialist Argent Partnership to review the energy contracts of PMS clients across East Anglia, London and Hertfordshire.

Argent buys utilities contracts worth more than £17 million a year, which gives it the bulk purchasing power to obtain the best and most cost effective deals for clients.

PMS brought in Argent two years ago to review clients’ energy contracts, mostly for electricity supplies, and the consultants have just finalised a number of second year tenders.

Lottie Wight, Managing Partner of Argent Partnership, explained:

“Our aim is to take the time consuming issues that utilities inevitably bring away from property managers, so they can concentrate on running the block successfully, while saving their clients money”.

“It’s a win-win situation – unlike typical energy brokers we provide full management of the utilities including collating meter reads, dealing with queries on the accounts and tendering, including at least four quoting suppliers.

“We are paid by a transparent fee structure which is agreed with the client, rather than an undisclosed commission paid to a broker by the energy company. “

Craig Sutton from PMS’ Property Services Team, who worked with Argent to set the scheme up said:

“This has proved to be hugely popular with our clients; there was a lot of work to do to set the scheme up as it involves cataloguing hundreds of electricity meters, but now the scheme is live, our clients are reaping the benefits”.

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