dennie leach from PMS Managing Estates

Dennie Leach MIRPM, Senior Property Manager

How did you get into property management?

I started my property career working for an estate agency as a Property Manager in 2014. I moved to a residential property management company in 2016 and joined PMS in November 2017. Prior to working in property, I had been at university and working in various retail jobs for customer service experience. Luckily the skills were transferable.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I like that no two days are the same. We will often experience situations that we’ve never dealt with before, but it’s always likely that someone else in the team has, so you’re constantly learning new things.

What skills do you need?

You must have customer service skills and be willing to work hard. I think being able to problem solve is also a requirement.

What would you say to someone thinking about working in property?

It’s a challenge, but if you’re eager to learn and happy to work hard, then it could well be the career for you.

Why do you like working for PMS?

I think the best thing is the people. As a property management team, we all get on well and work well together. I think PMS is the first company I’ve worked for where I’ve felt like the directors have a direct interest in their employees.

How important is it to gain IRPM qualifications?

Having your Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) qualifications helps you to be taken more seriously, not just within your company, but by clients too. If I hadn’t passed both my Associate and Member IRPM exams, I wouldn’t be a Senior Property Manager now.

Do you face any particular challenges as a woman in the property industry?

I don’t think I face any challenges as a woman. I would say more challenges have come from being young. I used to think property was a very male-orientated career, but if anything, I know more female property managers than I do male.

What are your future plans?

I’m about to complete my advanced training as an accredited Property Manager. Eventually, I would like to go down the route to managing large developments on behalf of clients.