PMS Managing Estates are ARMA Accredited

The ARMA innovation award was originally launched in 2010 to recognise and encourage innovation within the residential leasehold sector. In 2012, ARMA adjusted the emphasis of the award to focus on the core aim of their ARMA innovation project: to make life better for people living in blocks of flats.

The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) intended to promote examples where good residential property management led to a material and demonstrable improvement to the lives of leaseholders in a particular for people living in block of flats. They wanted to find the most improved managed blocks and reward the ARMA members that had brought it about.

All entries were judged by an independent panel and the winner was announced at ARMA’s Annual Conference in October 2012 where the award was presented.


This represents a major achievement by our team. It proves beyond doubt that our management style and techniques genuinely improve the lives of our clients. We are confident that further awards will follow in the coming years.

For the purpose of submitting entries, PMS Managing Estates consulted with all their residential property management staff and asked if there were any suitable case studies. Of these, the strongest was chosen by our M.D. and submitted on behalf of the Company. We chose a development based in Chelmsford that had not had a coherent management plan in place for some 30 years. The case study for this development can be accessed by clicking the button below.

What does ARMA Accreditation mean?

ARMA accreditation represents the most important initiative to affect Leasehold property ownership in many years and has been brought about primarily because of the Government’s reluctance to regulate the Property Management Industry, despite ten years of lobbying by ARMA and its Members. Under self-regulation, ARMA accreditation will allow diligent managing agents to distinguish themselves and stand out from the crowd.

If you own a Leasehold Property, ARMA accreditation will affect you. Property management is changing in an increasingly consumer oriented society and ARMA accreditation represents the single biggest change in the way Managing Agents go about their daily business in many years.

Stay informed; visit the ARMA by clicking the link below, where you can also download a copy of the ARMA consumer guide.

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